The virtue of knowing how to wait

The matured dough

Believe us, 3 days makes all the difference. It all starts in the specially developed flour mixture with Italian wheat and toasted soy flours, durum wheat semolina and extra quality toasted wheat bran.

After it’s made and until it goes into the oven it goes through several stages. The result? A homemade, made by us, unique dough that gives rise to the crispiest, tastiest, most easily digestible and healthy option pizza. Our customers say it’s delicious!

The taste says it all!

Even the tomato is Italian!

It’s not just the dough that’s different. In the greatest respect and passion for the origins, the taste of our pizzas is marked by the Italian products we use. From meats, cheeses, mushrooms to tomatoes.

Products with D.O.P. certification, Denomination of Protected Origin regulated by the European Union that protects the name whose production, elaboration and transformation occur in a delimited region, with a know-how duly recognized and verified.

Choose, try it and come back!

Classic Pizzas

The classic pizzas you already know with the finest Italian ingredients and local fresh products. You can count on true Italian Salami Pepperoni and gorgonzola cheese originated from the region of Milan and with the Italian cheese Taleggio, semi-soft of rind washed and matured by smear, with a thin peel and an intense aroma, but of soft and fruity flavour.


Vegetarian Pizzas

We have options for all sorts of tastes. Our vegetarian pizzas, also thinking of those who do not eat meat, have the freshest ingredients so you can taste what nature provides.


Vip Pizzas

For more exquisite tastes or for mushroom lovers, where you can taste the Porcini, a wild mushroom that can be found in woods of oaks and chestnut trees, beech trees and firs. Delight also with one of the most expensive mushrooms in the world, the black truffle, which can be found in southern Europe.


Special Pizzas

We use the best meats, the Bresaola, an open-airdried beef originating in the region of Lombardy in northern Italy. Free from fat and seasoned with coarse salt, juniper berries, cinnamon and nutmeg, followed by a drying period between 1 to 3 months. You can also taste the cured spicy salami consisting of a fermented and dried pork meat, of salty and spicy taste.


But there's more!

Salads  •  Natural Juices  •  Homemade Desserts

The discovery doesn’t end with pizzas. You can also try our homemade desserts and natural juices, and enjoy our locally grown raspberries. We have healthy salads with authentic Mediterranean flavours.
Our illy coffee of Italian origin, is 100% Arabica with a sweet velvety taste, with a dense cream and hazelnut colour, bitter touch and extremely pleasant to the palate.

Discover here the complete menus:


But how did it all start anyway?

Born by pizza and for pizza

Pizzeria D’Aldeia is your newest pizzeria in the Algarve West Coast (Costa Vicentina) created by the couple Caty and Luís in close partnership with Master Vítor Almeida. Throughout almost 20 years, in Northern Italy, region of Veneto, our Master, learned and developed the true art of making pizzas, following the best local traditions.

The true taste of Italian tradition. An experience not to be missed at Pizzeria D’Aldeia, which started in Budens and has expanded to other locations.

What they say about us

"Lovely team and superb pizza!"

Sooooo good and convenient. Big pizza fans and this place was both delicious and had a fun authentic, clean character. While eating we met the owners and they were super wonderful. Totally appreciate their genuine style and effort. 5 stars.


Excellent restaurant! Big and delicious pizzas, with great alternatives to choose from and fresh produce. Delicious juices, desserts and ice cream! Very effective and friendly service, fast service. The space is contemporary, very pleasant and can be enjoyed by couples, large families or groups, with outdoor space where children can be and play. Great place to have a good time! To repeat !!!